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C2 Glass Limited Edition Color Mini Dab Rig Upgrade For The Huni Badger Portable Dab Enail:

  • Each Design Is One Of A Kind – 100% Made In America (Limited Edition Colored Tubing)
  • Get the finest upgrade glass bubbler attachment for the Huni Badger
  • American made hand-blown borosilicate heady glass
  • Signature C2 Glass Single Ratchet Design
  • Made to work exclusively with the Huni Badger portable dab enail
  • Exclusive product of C2 Glass and
  • Items Designated CFL Will Have Stronger Color Shifting Properties Depending On Light Intensity & Type Is An Authorized C2 Custom Creations Glass and Huni Badger Retailer. We Only Sell 100% Authentic Products!

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Dab Like A Boss Today With The Latest Edition To The DabFarm Dabbing Family!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.



This limited edition, all American made upgraded single ratchet dab rig upgrade by C2 Custom Creations Glass, plus the Huni Badger portable dab enail unlocks the true power of vaporizing concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency, flavor, and effects of the plant they’re derived from. This means you get the most efficient and enjoyable dabbing experience, faster and easier than ever before, with no learning curve. What more could you want? Try the best portable dab rig, and change your dabbing life forever!

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CFL Aquamarine – Limited Edition, CFL Blue Sky – Limited Edition, CFL Chronic Smoke – Limited Edition, CFL Emerald Crystal – Limited Edition, CFL Emerald Fuchsia – Limited Edition, CFL Key Lime Pie – Limited Edition, CFL Shamrock Pear – Limited Edition, CFL Slyme Aqua – Limited Edition, Clear Scientific Glass, Purple Crushed Opal – Huni Badger – LIMITED EDITION, UV Sensitive Black Cherry – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Blood Orange – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Blue Azure – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Blue Razz – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Candy Apple – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Cotton Candy – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Pink Orange Purple – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Purple Amber Fuschia- Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Purple Crystal – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Purple Raspberry – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Slyme Aqua – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Smurf Blue – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Strawberry Creamsicle – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Sunrise – Limited Edition, UV Sensitive Tangie Peach – Limited Edition, UV Sensitve Blood Orange Pink Grapefruit – Limited Edition, UV Sensitve Purple Punch – Limited Edition

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