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Open hours: Mon - Sat 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM - About Us

Founded in 2013, DabFarm was launched by passionate medical marijuana concentrates advocates, and veteran industry glass blowers @C2CustomCreations, to bring dabbers worldwide the absolute finest and safest scientific glass and quartz ONLY dab products and accessories available online. This all stemmed from the pursuit of the cleanest vaporizing and dabbing experience possible, and that all starts with the material you are dabbing hash oil and cannabis extracts off of.

We specialize in American made electronic nails, dabbing rigs, domeless quartz nail setups for honey oil, shatter, wax, clear concentrate, and pretty much every type of thc or cbd extracts.

We are here to assist if you have any questions before making your purchase, so don’t hesitate to email us at any time:

The health and safety of our friends and family, who also medicated through the vaporizing method we now call dabbing, drove us to be super conscious and aware of what raw materials where integrated into this emerging culture and industry. We are unbiased in our research even though we sell specific products, and everything you see featured for sale on was hand selected to ensure both end user quality of experience, and most importantly, the safety and health of the medicinal user.

Truth be told, If you came to DabFarm to only buy a super cheap titanium nail, or any shady metal bowl smoking accessories, then you have unfortunately come to the wrong place. The good news is however that if you are looking for the safest, cleanest, and tastiest alternative to titanium and ceramic nails (and the over-sold “Grade 2” titanium domeless nails), then you have landed in a dabbers nirvana here at!

We are here 24/7/365 to answer all of your product and compatibility questions! Just contact us! We strive to provide not only the best information for dab enthusiasts, but also offer the fastest logistical order processing and shipping times (hopefully dispelling the dirty rumors that cannabis users are a bit lazy), so that you will guaranteed be leaving our online community store with both a big smile, and a beautiful piece of highly functional scientific glass or quartz by C2 Custom Creations.

If you haven’t already seen and experienced what makes these products so special, feel free to have a look around and read a little about the one and only Daisy Quartz Domeless Nail by C2 Custom Creations Glass or the world’s finest quartz enails.  Please email us at any time with any questions or feedback!  We’d love to hear any questions or comments that you may have about DabFarm, eBoss, BudderBlocks and C2 Custom Creations Glass products.

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