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$329.00 $299.00


Save With This Dope Enail Kit Combo Pack! Everything You Need To Dab Like A Boss Included!

1 x eBoss Mini eNail Unit Setup (Plug & Coil Included)

1 x 20mm eBoss XL Quartz eNail & Carb Cap Dabber Kit (Carb Cap Different Than Pictured)

1 x C2 Glass BRB50 Tall Boy – Single Ratchet Rig

1 x C2 Glass Oil Reservoir Drop Down Adaptor For Use With BRB50 Rig

1 x DabFarm Non-Stick Silicone Food Grade Dabbing Mat

Don’t Wait Any Longer! No More Wasting Any Dabs! Get The Tastiest, Smoothest and Most Efficient Vape Of Your Life!

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Allow 3-5 Days For Delivery! ALL ITEMS IN STOCK!

This Dope eNail Dabbing Kit Includes Everything You Need To Start Dabbing Like A Boss Today!


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