This has been the topic of much debate and misinformation, but it’s really not that difficult of an answer (although we are going to be very thorough).

The first thing you have to remember is that everyone is using different concentrates, so that in itself affects vaporizing temps. The second thing is that varying materials absorb, retain and disperse heat differently. Since we only approve of 100% pure quartz crystal, and not any grade of titanium or synthetic ceramics, we will focus the rest of this article on that particular element.

The best way to regulate your temperature is to use a digital eBoss eNail Kit. This will ensure that you can measure and test your heat with consistency and develop the ideal range for your preferred tastes and concentrates. For low temp dabs using a 16mm or 20mm (XL) quartz eNail kit, we have proven time and time again that with our super efficient setups, you can vape as low as 500 degrees and up to 600 comfortably.

If you are the type of person that really needs to feel the burn, have no fear because our units reach a max temperature well above 1000 degrees. Of course, it would be ludicrous to attempt to vaporize any concentrates at those types of temperatures, so ideally even the hottest of dabs on a thick and efficient quartz eNail should not exceed 650 degrees. At those temperatures, you will be retaining the most flavor and active potency. The last thing you want to do is burn away those precious terps and lower the medicinal value; henceforth we feel it is very counterproductive and a wasteful practice to dab over 650 degrees.

Our XL (20mm) eBoss Mini Quartz eNail Kits start at only $209! How can you beat that value for the safest, tastiest, cleanest and most efficient dabbing experience of your life? We recommend you take the taste test challenge on our high end quartz eNail kits and see for yourself – satisfaction is guaranteed!


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